Repatriation: The Art of Coming Home

Expatriates returning from an international assignment face an even greater adjustment to their "home" country than the one they experienced when they went abroad. Studies show that returning employees leave their parent companies at twice the rate of non-expats, due in large part to the problems of reverse culture shock—for causes, in short, that can be identified and mitigated.

In the workshop Craig Storti identifies the major personal and professional challenges of repatriation—for the employee, spouse, and children—and helps returnees and their organizations plan for and successfully manage this difficult transition.

Training topics include:
  • Key personal adjustment challenges for the employee
  • Key workplace adjustment issues for the employee
  • Key adjustment issues for the spouse and children
  • Strategies for successful repatriation
  • How returnees can use their new skills
  • What companies can do to make the transition smoother

This seminar is based on Craig Storti's best-selling book The Art of Coming Home.
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