Living and Working Abroad

This workshop prepares outbound employees, spouses, and children to live and work effectively on an overseas assignment, as well as inbound expats to work effectively in the United States.

Training topics include:
  • Key cultural differences between the expat's own and the destination culture.
  • Differences in the business culture, business practices, management style, and communication styles of the two cultures.
  • Key workplace-related cultural adjustments for the employee.
  • Key cultural adjustments for the spouse and children.
  • How much do I adjust? Striking a balance between cultural sensitivity and individual integrity.
  • Culture shock and the stages of cultural adjustment for the employee, spouse, and children.
  • Strategies for minimizing culture shock and enhancing expat effectiveness.
This seminar is based in part on Craig Storti's best-selling book, The Art of Crossing Cultures.
Email Craig Storti for more information about this workshop.
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