Managing A Culturally Diverse Workforce

In this workshop, Craig Storti trains managers and supervisors how to manage a multicultural workforce for maximum efficiency and productivity. The workshop will help managers understand what to expect from—and how they are seen by—employees from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Training topics include:
  • Cultural differences in management styles, in particular the manager-subordinate relationship.
  • Cultural differences in the work ethic and business culture.
  • Resolving conflicts between employees from different cultures.
  • How to motivate employees from diverse backgrounds.
  • How to evaluate employees from diverse backgrounds.
  • Dealing with cultural differences toward taking initiative, delegating/taking authority, the chain of command and decision-making, and taking risks.
  • Differences in communication styles (verbal and nonverbal).

Participants will learn how to adjust their management style to suit different expectations, strategies for reconciling competing cultural agendas, and how to exploit a multicultural perspective for increased productivity. This workshop is based in part on Craig Storti's book Americans At Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People and Figuring Foreigners Out.
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