The Art of Doing Business Across Cultures: 10 Countries, 50 Mistakes, and 5 Steps to Cultural Competence

If you try to do business your way in someone else’s culture, you're going to make mistakes—and mistakes have consequences. Some will be embarrassing; others will be frustrating; and still others will cost you dearly. This book presents common cultural mistakes via 50 brief conversations between Americans and citizens of 10 of the world’s largest economies: the Arab Middle East, Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, and Russia. For Americans who do business in any of these ten locations and for citizens of these countries who work with Americans, these are cultural traps you must try to avoid. Sometimes we get lucky and people from other cultures overlook or forgive our mistakes, assuming we don’t know any better. But since when was trusting to luck ever a good business strategy?

"A great read and tremendous resource for business leaders and students alike."
-Sarah Miller, Assistant Dean & Director of Graduate Business
Student Affairs, Washington University, St. Louis

"Craig Storti creatively guides each of us in effectively communicating across the many cultures that form our global community."
-Nancy J. Adler, Bronfman Chair in Management, McGill University

"The strength of this book is in its clarity of writing and highlighting a 'fix' for moving forward in working through cultural differences."
-Darla Deardorff, editor, The Sage Handbook of Intercultural Competence

"Storti’s book is useful as a stand-alone resource for individuals to gain understanding about cultural interaction in working life and embedded as part of a facilitated training program. A worthwhile addition to anyone’s reading list."
-Holly Emert, Ph.D, President, Society of Intercultural Education,
Training, and Research

"Whether you work domestically or internationally, wish to better understand a particular culture or gain a broader understanding of our global world, you will surely benefit from this fascinating, enjoyable, and enlightening book."
-Laurette Bennhold-Samaan, Chief Operating Officer, Aperian Global

"A wonderful guide about how to conduct business with representatives of various countries and cultures."
-Zara Hovhannisyan, Senior Program Manager, Teacher Training programs,
American Councils for International Education, Washington, DC
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