Speaking of India (Revised ed. 2015)

Westerners and Indians are working more closely together and in greater numbers than ever before. And so long as East continues to partner with West, then cultural differences will continue to affect—and continue to undermine—smooth interpersonal relations and workplace productivity. In this revised and expanded edition of Speaking of India, Craig Storti distils the lessons of 25 years working with US companies (Deloitte, FedEx, Microsoft) and their Indian partners (TATA, Infosys, Cognizant), describing common cultural flashpoints and offering practical suggestions for bridging the cultural gaps, minimizing misunderstanding, and maximizing the many benefits of East-West partnerships. If you work with Indians, whether onshore or offshore, or if you’re an Indian working with Westerners, this book is for you.

"Storti’s cultural observations about Indians are spot on."
-Ranjini Manian, CEO, Global Adjustments,
author of Doing Business in India for Dummies, Founder-CEO of Global Adjustments

"If you are involved in business interactions with your counterparts in India or the West, you are likely to experience a number of scenarios described in this book. Sometimes it feels like Craig Storti installed a hidden camera and microphone in the office of his clients and recorded their conference calls; the examples will seem like they happened to you yesterday, and his suggestions will make complete sense. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by implementing them!"
-Lionel Laroche, Founder, Multicultural Business Solutions
and author of Danger and Opportunity:
Bridging Cultural Diversity for Competitive Advantage

"A fascinating look into the cultural differences between Indians and Westerners. Craig Storti helps us understand that by finely tuning our eyes and ears to the differences, we can bridge the gaps and strengthen our business relationships."
-Chris Gilmore, Vendor management Director, CNA Insurance Companies
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