Understanding the World's Cultures

Understanding the World's Cultures is the retitled, updated (with new activities), 20th anniversary edition of the classic Figuring Foreigners Out, a "training seminar in a book" for anyone who works across cultures.

It doesn't matter what culture you come from or what other culture(s) you need to learn about, in this self-help workbook Craig Storti walks you step-by-step through the process of figuring foreigners out. The book consists of a series of structured activities that enable you first to identify your own cultural norms and worldview, and then compare your culture to the "target" culture you need to understand.

Readers can work through this book on their own, without the aid of a structured training program, and teach themselves how to deal more effectively with cultural differences. It should be high-priority reading for anyone who comes into contact with people from foreign cultures whether overseas (corporate expatriates, diplomats, study abroad participants, volunteers, missionaries, military personnel) or at home in multicultural settings (the workplace, school and other social or organizational contexts).

"Craig Storti has done it again! He has produced another absolutely indispensable book which no one in the intercultural field will want to be without for long."
-L. Robert Kohls, professor, Institute for Intercultural Leadership,
University of San Francisco

"I believe that the intercultural needs of corporations are immense and that the intercultural research of the past 30 years has been tremendous. But these two realms are like ships passing in the night for the most part. Your book, Figuring Foreigners Out, leads the way in bringing the richness of intercultural research in a practical way to the business world. Keep those books and fresh ideas coming."
-Don Rutherford, Culture Connect
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