Cross-Cultural Dialogues (2nd ed. 2017)

In this book Craig Storti presents and examines cultural differences in the exact form most of us usually encounter them: in conversations with other people. Through a series of 74 dialogues—8- to 10-line exchanges between a speaker from the United States and one from another culture—readers will watch as two people completely misunderstand each other, without ever realizing it has happened. Then, in one-page analyses of the conversations, readers will see how the misunderstanding took place and what cultural differences caused the misinterpretations. The book features cultural differences between Americans and people from 10 other cultural groups: Arab/Middle Eastern, British, Chinese, French, German, Latino, Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean/European, and Russian. With its recreation of "real" incidents, Cross-Cultural Dialogues comes as close as you can get on the printed page to actually experiencing cultural differences.

"Craig Storti’s knowledge and wisdom derived from his many years as an internationally renowned consultant and author shine through."
-Peter Franklin, author The Mindful International Manager, professor of
international management, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences

"This is an indispensable book for anyone involved in teaching intercultural communication, who is engaged in intercultural training, or who simply wants to gain a greater understanding of how to interact successfully across cultural differences."
-Darla Deardorff, editor, The Sage Handbook of Intercultural Competence

"Craig Storti’s insightful cross-cultural dialogues set the gold standard for intercultural communication and are an invaluable tool for global citizens."
-Ranjini Manian, author of Doing Business in India for Dummies,
Founder-CEO of Global Adjustments

"Recommended reading for Americans who are going to other countries and people who are coming to the United States for the first time. The premise of the book is highly believable; [it is] an excellent supplemental text for an undergraduate or graduate course."
-Melissa Martin Young, Journal of Global Marketing
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