Americans At Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People

Whether you work with Americans face-to-face, communicate with them by telephone or e-mail, or work with them on a virtual team, Americans at Work reveals the subtle and the not-so-subtle aspects of American culture in the workplace. This book will help you understand how Americans behave on the job, why they behave that way, and how they'll be expecting you to behave.

If you are an American, this book will help you understand better how you are perceived by people from other cultures and how you can work with them more effectively.

"Craig has provided a 'field guide' that is both insightful and practical for non-Americans and Americans alike!"
-Bruce Mielke, Manager Best Buy Human Capital & Leadership

"Americans At Work certainly raised my level of consciousness about how I, an American, may be perceived by the non-Americans with whom I work. I can see this book as the basis of a terrific workshop or office retreat for an international organization seeking to have their ... staff work together more effectively. Storti hit the mark with practical advice supported by a clear conceptual framework."
-David Styles, former Peace Corps Country Director, Eastern Caribbean
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