Craig Storti is the director of Communicating Across Cultures, specializing in the design and delivery of seminars in intercultural communications, cross-cultural business dynamics, expatriation and repatriation, cultural diversity, and managing the multicultural/global workforce—for clients from government, business, military, and the education sectors.

Portrait of Craig Storti Craig Storti is a nationally known figure in the field of intercultural communications and cross-cultural adaptation and the author of several standard works, including Culture Matters, a cross-cultural workbook used by the U. S. government in over 90 countries, as well as:

Americans At Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People
The Art of Crossing Cultures
The Art of Coming Home
The Art of Doing Business Across Cultures
Cross-Cultural Dialogues
Understanding the World's Cultures
Old World/New World: Americans and Europeans
Speaking of India
Why Travel Matters: A Guide to the Life-Changing Effects of Travel

Craig Storti has over thirty years of experience training businessmen and women, diplomats, civil servants, and foreign aid workers in understanding and working effectively with people from other cultures and diverse backgrounds. As a trainer and consultant, Mr. Storti has advised Fortune 500 companies on international joint ventures and expat/repat issues, led cross-cultural workshops for international agencies and organizations on four continents, and assisted numerous corporations and government agencies to better manage global teams and a culturally diverse workforce.

A popular speaker, Craig Storti is represented by The Washington Speakers’ Bureau and The European Speakers’ Bureau, and he has written for a number of national magazines and major newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He has lived nearly a quarter of his life abroad—with extended stays in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist cultures—and speaks French, Arabic, and Nepali.

Mr. Storti is also Vice President of Intercultural Programs for the Toronto-based Human Resources firm proLearning innovations. Canadian companies wishing to book a workshop with Mr. Storti may contact Wendy Bircher, President of proLearning at 416-485-7498 or email her at [email protected] or visit:
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